About Us

Our farm is located in the heart of the Etruscan Coast:

On the coast, from Livorno to Piombino, follow each other beautiful locations: Castiglioncello, Rosignano, Vada, Cecina, Marina di Castagneto. White sand beaches like those of Vada alternate with darker beaches of Marina di Castagneto, Bibbona and Cecina, to arrive at the perfect balance between rock and sand of the bay Quercetano of Castiglioncello. Much of the land of the Etruscan Coast is organized in parks and nature reserves.

Nature is frame but also the essence of this land of thick pine forests, woods and countryside immersed in the colors and scents. Stand the WWF Oasis of Bolgheri and the Livorno Hills Park.

Here there were Etruscan settlements on the sea, as the Archaeological Park of Baratti-Populonia, there are museums full of Etruscan, Roman and Villanovan, such as those of Rosignano Cecina. Our archaeological sites testify to the importance of history in the Etruscan Coast.

Land of art, where they were born musicians such as Mascagni and painters like Modigliani and where, with factors has established the Macchiaioli school. The history is rediscovered in medieval villages such as Bolgheri, Castagneto Carducci, Suvereto and Campiglia Marittima, historical treasures that are in the heart of the hills and forests.

The gastronomic tradition of the Etruscan Coast is famous throughout the world for the richness and variety of dishes it offers. The fish is the star of a thousand delicious recipes: from the characteristic fish soup from Livorno, rice with squid ink. From snapper to sea bream, squid, shellfish, oily fish rediscovered, cooked with skill and imagination.

The protagonist of the cuisine of the meat is instead quinine, fine breed, or the game such as wild boar or hare. The vegetables accompany all dishes. But there are local cheeses, honey, bread, cakes, chickpea cake and punch at Leghorn.